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Road Salt is a critical part of winter preparation in many areas of the country. We supply road salt throughout the country in bulk quantities.

Road Salt in short supply in your area? Are your usual road salt suppliers unable to meet your requirements? Has the price of road salt increased and you need a new source for road salt?

If you need road salt - we have it!



HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct 21, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- One-Time Sale of 82,000 Tons to be Made to Local Governments

To help maintain public safety on local roads this winter, the departments of Transportation and General Services have joined forces to make road salt available to more than 100 municipalities that have been affected by a nationwide salt shortage.

"Public safety is at the top of Governor Rendell's agenda and, by both agencies working together to address local government needs, we hope we will resolve this road salt issue to ensure safer travel for Pennsylvanians this winter," said PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E.

Over the past several weeks, various municipalities indicated they were having difficulty obtaining the road salt they need to deal with icy roads this winter.

Following an assessment of local government needs, DGS floated a supplementary salt contract to address the shortfall. The bids received did not meet the required state specifications and were as high as $185 per ton.

Consequently, PennDOT, after reviewing salt supplies it has on-hand, determined that it could sell approximately 82,000 tons to municipalities during the course of the winter.

This unprecedented PennDOT sale will not be repeated and municipalities are urged to join COSTARS to ensure their salt supplies for next winter.

DGS began the state's salt bidding process in July and was able to secure at least one million tons for PennDOT and more than 586,000 tons for more than 1,000 local governments that participated in the state's COSTARS program.

COSTARS is a DGS program that can provide significant savings for municipalities by allowing local governments to "piggyback" on state contracts to buy various goods and services.

"Road salt is either very expensive or not readily available this year," said DGS Secretary James P. Creedon. "Under Governor Rendell's direction, DGS worked hard to get an extremely competitive price for PennDOT and its COSTARS customers. We avoided higher prices by acting early, which resulted in significant savings for taxpayers based on current market prices."

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